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The Evolution Of The Markethive ILP

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What is an  Incentivized Loan Program™(ILP™)?

An Incentivized Loan Program ™ works similarly to a traditional promissory note It is a method of crowdfunding in which lenders and borrowers enter into loan agreements through legally binding smart contracts.  As Markethive is built on the Blockchain, these contracts cannot be altered so they provide a level of security for the creditor that they can rely on. 

ILPs work by simply providing a way for creditors, (in this case, Markethive Members), to lend money to a company or project (Markethive), after entering into an agreement. The terms of such agreements are stipulated and embedded in a smart contract, stored on a blockchain for reference. This method provides an alternative way for companies to raise funds while leveraging blockchain technology. 

Markethive Faucetx

Posted by Marketing Director on Febuary 3, 2020

Faucets are the back bone of the crypto opportunities to develop a wealth sovereignty strategy. Add to that Airdrops, and Bounties and you have a better solution than 90% of the MLM deals many people chase. I mean I can prove to you making $500 to $5000 per month is a reality, cost you nothing, will give you wisdom and begin your path to a better financial future.

2020 the year of Markethive has arrived

Posted by Marketing Director on January 24, 2020 – 2:36am Edited 1/24 at 12:43pm

Alexa Rank reached so far

Markethive runs with the Big Dogs now, here are the reasons

Alexa ranking is now under 10,000 (8,965 at this writing) which means 150,000+ unique daily visitors (internal data confirmed by WorthofWeb ) Over 20 million monthly impressions Domain worth over $4 million just based on traffic Similar Banner programs to Markethive cost $15,000 and up to run a full month.

Markethive in the RipOff Report

Posted by Marketing Director on  January 20, 2020 – 1:26am Edited 1/21 at 4:39am

The meeting with the BBB offices

Last Year 2019 around May 10th I attempted to get the BBB to accredit Markethive. I was passed back and forth from the Minnesota office to the Denver office because there is no Wyoming office. It was a nightmare of incompetence and the Denver office took on an attitude I was a scammer during the process.

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