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A. Platform used to create and host Funnel Pages = $20 per month (Affiliate Program)

B. Many Chat which works with Facebook Messenger with Autoresponder Function is Free for the first 30 days; then $10 per month, after 30 days

C. Optional FB Ads Targeted Traffic = $20 per share up to 15 shares per order. Can add more shares at anytime. REMEMBER: current cost to recruit one Duplicating and Buying PSA is between $20 to $25. To be very happy with our results, we need to recruit 5, or more, Duplicating and Buying PSAs per month.


A. COST OF USING THE DS WEBSITE FOR ALL PSAs IN MY ENTIRE TEAM, FOR THEIR MASTER TRAINERS READING/USE? ANS.: ZERO, For sure, I have no interest to earn directly from the DS website use because your funds are best used for buying qualified traffic. The thrill of seing a lot of SFI teammates finally getting rewarded is more joyfull, with the knowledge that when you earn more then I will definitely earn more also.

B. How do I get involve in DS? ANS.: Find your DS sponsor starting with your SFI upline. Read item E, below. Then read the DS Trainer Page. Wait for the other specific instructions about the Click Funnel and Many Chat and Facebook Co-op Ads in a few days at the DS Trainer Page.

C. COST PER VISITOR OF USING THE FACEBOOK PAGE CO-OP ADS? ANS.: My mentor says, $0.60 to $1.20 per visitor. Remember, these are highly targeted visitors. Paid Facebook Ads traffic are Fast, Consistent and Scalable. Based on Stats I shared about FB Ads visitors, your cost per PSA, who is qualified to join SFI-DS and has committed to duplicate, is $20. (Compare this cost to the potential returns of hundreds of dollars of residual monthly income to you. Compare this cost to SFI S-Builder’s).

D. Why are CSAs not allowed access nor use of the DS? ANS.: CSAs are the PSAs of other Affiliates outside my organization. Similar to the SFI ‘Personal Forums’ – only PSAs are allowed participation and access. Some sponsors hate non-team affiliates contacting their PSAs.

E. What shall I do if my upline in SFI is unsure or too slow in making a decision on DS? . ANS.: Make sure to tell your 2 immediate SFI upline to sign up with you when they are ready. If no downline has joined ahead of you to sponsor you, keep going upline. If still unable to find a DS sponsor, below me, you ask one of the Admin folks at our Facebook Page , (except me and Adam Chandler) to sponsor you in DS. You need to alert your entire team of downline affiliates, how to find their own DS sponsor, using the same procedure that I outlined above.

F. What is your recommendation for the required monthly SFI Purchase Order? ANS.: Read below what is best for Leaders to order, to show his/her team what to follow. Other purchase options are shown in another page, with a clickable link below.

**** For your other SFI purchase options, CLICK HERE

G. Why is DS vital in growing our SFI business? ANS.: SFI has been proven for more than 20 years to be fun, educational and popular but a huge percentage have come and gone, with some who have returned and tried again and quit again – mainly because they keep losing money in their SFI business. MAIN REASON FOR FAILURE: huge percentage cannot produce enough sales to recoup their monthly expenses, because majority of people join SFI to earn money without budgeting for any business expense and thinking that they will get paid by the amount of time they put into SFI, but without producing sales. SFI HAS NO MANDATORY BUYING REQUIREMENTS BUT DS HAS. We focus on bringing in people ready to invest in their SFI business and have committed to duplicate.


1. How do we know who to get in touch with, in our upline to find your DS sponsor Invitation? ANS: contact immediate 2 upline ASAP, through their SFI emails or SFI Chat about your current strong beliefs about DS. Tell them that you like them to sponsor you in DS. If they show no interest now with a quick decision, tell them that you like to sponsor them when they are ready to commit to use DS. Read other FAQs below.

2. I have sent my sponsor three messages about your new site but have gotten no response. Since you are his sponsor, I don’t know whether I am supposed to message you about this or not? ANS: contact all your SFI upline about the DS and tell them about your excitement about the DS. Tell them that you like to be sponsored by them. If no satisfactory response from upline, contact your downline in case someone has already joined. If you can’t find anyone, select from one of the Admin Folks (except Adam Chandler and me) and request to be sponsored by them. After you find your DS Sponsor, immediately tell your upline that you like to sponsor them when they are ready, since they will benefit from all your SFI-DS success. Of course help your downline with understanding the DS powerful benefits.

3. Apart from our SFI monthly payment for auto delivery, how much extra are we looking at contributing toward our affiliation with you on the site? ANS: variable as to the tools and traffic volume from paid traffic. Check above.

4. How does the affiliate system work with your website? ANS: after your prospect submit his/her application and then pass the Live Interview, give them your SFI Affiliate Gateway link for them to join your SFI-DS Team. Then train all your New Teammates for both SFI and DS – mainly to make sure they are Duplicating YOU, as af Master Trainer. MOST IMPORTANT FACT: The DS will recruit active duplicating PSAs who makes monthly purchases, as one of the mandatory requirements.

5. How many invitations can we send out? ANS: Very important to be careful in avoiding being accused of SPAMMING, which is termination of your use of DS. Focus on advertising in allowed platforms, whether paid or free. Focus dealing with/recruiting highly qualified and interested people. Learn to look at their submitted applications and to give all of them a Live Interview, for their Breakthrough Session with you, to persuade them to be loyal long-term followers in your subscribers list. You can personally invite up to 1000 visitors, maximum, per day. You can use Tracking Codes for your Funnel pages – to show you which trafic source to use. Paid Facebook Ads are the best, proven to be Fast, Consistent and Scalable. Proven Data given here as to results of using Paid Facebook Ads.

6. There was a form on the Master Trainer site asking for a little more information. Do I need to fill it after I have found a DS sponsor? ANS: that is just a Sample Form. Every New applicant has to submit to their DS sponsor the filled up Form when that form is finalized, – soon

7. Is SFI Admin aware of the existence of the DS Tool? ANS: Yes, Gery wants us to avoid being accused of ‘poaching’. I agree with Gery that there will be a significant number of SFI affiliate who will quit SFI for 6 months in order to re-join SFI as a member of our Team, so they can avail themselves of the use of our Team DS. WE MUST REFRAIN FROM SHARING OUR EXCITEMENT and our results in using the DS, inside SFI, especially at the Forum.

8. FINDING YOUR DS SPONSOR: Just a thought: TLS earn from several depth of levels using leveraging by reassigning to strengthen team depth. So why can this DS not also work for active members irrespective of generation? ANS: In DS, we all will try to honour the current SFI pay structure. Some sponsors are quick to complain to SFI when someone contacts their PSAs, about anything. To find your DS sponsor, contact your 2 immediate uplines 3 times. If no response, find a downline who may have already joined. If no luck, keep going upline. Ask these upline folks to join you in DS when they are ready and excited. We must do broadcast to all our downline about DS. Share your excitement about DS, which may activate some of those inactive downline folks. Tell them how to find their DS sponsor.

9. How do I use the DS website? Can it apply to all possible situations? ANS: the website is for training ALL member-users who qualify. Read the Strict and the 10 additional needed other Regular Requirements. These requirements must be followed and enforced to make the DS work, for every member-user. Additional information is soon coming for using the ‘Click Funnel Platform Sharing Code”, with your own DS link to promote. Promoting your DS link will produce applications from visitors to be interviewed in your offered ‘Business Strategy Session’. Only those who pass the Live Interview will get your SFI Gateway URL, for them to join your SFI-DS Team. Training Videos will soon be published on how to use Click Funnel, Moneychat, FB DS Zing Membership Page and FB Messenger. Soon to follow will be more Training Videos about Lead Generation with Paid, Low-cost and FREE Traffic Sources, from my mentor. PLEASE REMEMBER: This DS website can become the Best Tool for Duplication, in the whole Network Marketing Industry, ONLY with your continuous feedbacks, suggestions and questions – like what SFI has been doing for 20 years.

10. Is $153 per month budget for DS enough? ANS:


A. DS website Use/Training is FREE
B. SFI Mandatory Tinimum Purchase Requirement start at $29
C. Click Funnel is $19 per month (an affiliate program)
D. Moneychat is free for 30 days, then $10 monthly
E. Co-op Paid Advertising = cost is $20 per share, up to 15 shares per order


11. Is ? ANS


A. Platform used to create and host Funnel Pages = $20 per month (Affiliate Program)

B. Many Chat which works with Facebook like Autoresponder = Free for the first 30 days; then $10 after 30 days

C. FB Ads Targeted Traffic = $10 to $100 or more per mo., as your budget allows


A. Platform use to create and host Funnel Pages= $20 per month (Affiliate Program)

B. Needs to use an Autoresponder Service – Aweber, Get Response or Mailchimp – starts at $20 per month

C. Other Recommended Tools for you to add per your need

D. Targeted Traffic = $10 to $100 or more per mo., as your budget allows


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Fast or Slow Dancing, Running, Jogging, Hopping, Walking, Rolling or Crawling At Different Speeds – Work Done On Your Business, At Your Pace, Done Consistently Yields Great Results! Combining Proven SFI and DS Tool is a Must!


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