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ALL Markethive Members Make Money By Joining And Using Their Website. Markethive Earn Its Revenue From Paying Advertisers. It Shares Its Company Revenue To All Members

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ALL Regular Network / MLM Companies
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Purchasers Of Required Monthly Quotas

Members Of Newer Companies Make Money By
Joining And Using Their Website. Members Earn
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Companies Share Their Revenue To All Members
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1. MarketHive  Instant $90+ To Join For FREE. Earn More Using Your FREE Website. Enforces Privacy, Transparency, & Lack Of Censorship
2. Onpassive – Join About 65K Founders Now, To Earn Big. Company Does Recruiting, Membership, & Team Building Starting With 400K
3. Ecoin – Instant 750 Ecoins To Join For FREE. Earn A Lot More In 2 Levels By Recruiting Without Limits. Reached 1M In About 2 Months, Will Reach 1B In 2020 And Will Make Global Acceptance Of Ecoins

The MarketHive Founders Have Announced That The E-Wallet Approval Will Come Before May 31, 2020. We Can Then Convert Our MHV Coins Into Cash Or Leave Them Alone To Get Daily Earnings. You Can Spend Your Coins For Advertising / Other Products

To See The Current Fluctuating MarketHive (MHV) Coin Price
Now Pennies Per Coin; Great Chance To Reach Much More Than A Dollar In 2020 And To Surpass Ethereum Price Soon

To See The Current Fluctuating Bitcoin & Ethereum Prices

It Is Easy For You To Recruit Dozens Or Even Hundreds/Thousands Of Folks Every Month. Just by passing out flyers & business cards in crowded places or Use social media and Promotion ads to put markethive banners with your affiliate link


– Your main message in your promotions:
(Earn instant $90 in 65 seconds FLAT, for FREE, with ZERO RISK)




  1. Click ‘Support” – Top Right
  2. “Cancel “”Open Telegram Desktop == Middle Very Top of Page
  3. Click “Open in Web: = at the Bottom of Page
  4. Select CTO, Douglas (one of 2 founders to answer you), less busy nowadays than main Founder Thomas P — Bee Keeper
  5. Ask any question and find their answers at that Same Page

Note: If they did not truly register and self-phone verified, you will not see their names nor emails in your Markethive List Of Associates.




Activating your faucet simply put means unlocking your account so you can start getting paid mhv coins for ALL activity that you do within the platform. Activities here include, but are not limited to the following;

  • Logging into your markethive account
  • Commenting
  • Creating posts
  • Creating blogs/Reading a blog
  • Creating capture pages
  • Creating capture widgets
  • Creating lead groups
  • Using the email function of the system (like creating autoresponders and sending broadcasts)
  • Sending (and replying to) messages
  • Tipping other members
  • Sending and accepting friend requests
  • And so forth….this list is NOT conclusive.

Bottom-line is, once you’ve had your faucet activated, you GET PAID for every action that you take in your account, literally.

How do you activate your faucet?

Ans: Refer 3 via your link!

Just refer 3 verified members to markethive using your link. There’s a cool capture page already created for you and you can access it by simply clicking on ‘Referral program’ from your profile page.

There’s also smart buttons in the Referral program section that you can instantly use and post on your other social media accounts like Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn. Furthermore, you will find awesome banners, ready made for you to use. How long will it take you to get 3 people to sign up via your link and get access to an over $2000 per month inbound marketing system for free, and also get MHV coins FOR FREE. You have huge incentive to get referrals in the system itself as Markethive is simply a Capture magnet in itself.  By activating your faucet, your hive rank is also activated simultaneously (no extra work required).

 See & Use My Funnel Pages For Markethive

To show you how I recruit and collect emails of visitors and If you wish to have your personalized copies of the Funnel Pages including your automated personalized follow-up emails that I created, join the Platform I use, called Power Lead System.


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Note: You Can Also Subscribe to the $7 PLS Package (Lifetime Membership) With 7-Day FREE Trial But You Can Not Use Any Share Code Or You Can Not Duplicate Any Funnel Pages & Autoresponder Message Using This Package. You Need To Upgrade To “Gold” Package /Membership To Use The Share Code Or Duplication System.




  • You can login 10 – 60 Min before the webinar 
  • Weekly Webinar is never recorded
  • Webinar will give info that will make you trully belived that Markethive will help you fullfill your Dreams and will make you very thankfull to the almighty that your dreams will become reality.

1. Click “Calendar” – Tab Top Left

2. Click “The New Markethive Economy” Option

3. Click “Join us in the room” Option

4. Click “Click Here” Option

5. Please click Open Zoom Meetings” if you see the system dialog.

Imporant MarketHive Notice:

You Need To Login Once Every 6 Months To Maintain Your Active Membership


1. Go to the Help Tab by Hovering over the HOME Tab. Then click the Help Tab,
OR just go to: 

2. Follow the 4 “Start Here” Steps:

A. Personalize Your Account:
– Upload your profile picture
– Write a short Bio
– Publish your Blog

B. Browse through the Main Tabs and Sub tabs to get a good idea where vital information on Markethive is located. Visit often to learn more about how to find more information to run your business. MarketHive is now growing very rapidly

C. Share Your Excitement about Markethive to the World Including Your Family, Friends, Business Associates, as well as your old and new Social Media Contacts.

D. Join the Telegram Support Group to get fast help – Click Here


1. Login Daily to read, learn, comment, post and share ideas. You earn MH coins on everything you do while learning. Go to (bookmark this website)

2. Develop the Correct Mindset of a Succesfull Markethive Business Owner

A. Deep belief in the mission of Markethive Company, in the lens of the two Founders, Tom Pendergrass and David Yates in creating massive numbers of very successful entrepreneurs worldwide who will be able to best help their communities

B. Deep belief and understanding of the projected very explosive growth of revenues for the company and rapidly growing number of members, in the coming months and years, as curently proven by the rapidly improving Alexa Rankings of MarketHive.

C. Extensive experience and expertise of the two founders before and after the start 4 years ago of the impressive Beta Phase of Markethive. Finishing touches, including crowdfunding, are being implemented to produce the rapid growth of MarketHive

D. Special Foundation that has been built with guidance from strong religious beliefs of the two Founders that catapults Markethive into stratospheric prominence in the coming months and years that will be essentially impossible to duplicate

3. Focus in these important Markethive Benefits today:

A. Each MHV Coin is equivalent to 14 cents today. Easy for me to believe today that in a year, each MHV Coin will be much higher in value and could be tens of dollars that can later become hundreds of dollars in the near future, like what happened to Bitcoin

B. Today, a new regular member instantly earns 500 MHV Coins while the referrer also earns 500 MHV Coins – ONLY AFTER YOUR ONLINE VERIFICATION OF YOUR TELEPHONE NUMBER By Inputting The Verification Code To Be Sent By MarketHive. (Your Personal Data is Kept Confidential By MarketHive And Will Never Be Sold).
Both earns another 500 MHV Coins 
each, when the new regular member upgrades.

C. Each set of 500 MHV Coins is 14 cents times 500, which equals $70 – as of 01/06/20
    Each set of 500 MHV Coins is 16 cents times 500, which equals $80 – as of 01/07/20
    Each set of 500 MHV Coins is 17 cents times 500, which equals $87 – as of 01/16/20
Each set of 500 MHV Coins is 18 cents times 500, which equals $90 – as of 02/11/20

    Each set of 500 MHV Coins is ? cents times 500, which equals $100 – as of ?/?/2020

D. Each new recruit earns you $90 (02/11/20). Each upgrade earns you another $90 

E. ONLY AFTER YOU RECRUIT 3 MEMBERS, earn MHV Coins as you learn how to become knowledgeable and successful. You must develop the habit of login in DAILY in MH 

4. Promote your Markethive Affiliate link as soon as you have developed the correct Mindset to enable you to present the opportunity with the needed irresistible and contagious excitement

A. Use the MarketHive link shortener for your Affiliate link to promote

B. Use a Traffic Rolodex to find the best places for yourself to place Ads for your MH recruiting Funnel Pages.

C. Only for my MH teammates will I allow use of my recruiting Funnel Pages Share Code. You must be a Gold Affiliate in Power Lead System to use my PLS Share Code.

D. You get a carbon copy of my ADVANCED recruiting Funnel Pages if you use my PLS Share Code. To see a sample copy of my MH Funel Pages – Click Here

E. If you need a Referrer in PLS, use my referral link – Click Here

5. Alexa Worldwide 10,000 Ranking Barrier Broken By Markethive, 01/07/2020. Founders state that MH is expected to break the 4000 Barrier in Year 2020
Company and Member Revenues will keep impressively improving





Marketing Director  March 10, 2020

Alexa Rank drops again @ 5,996

What this means is unique new massive traffic is pouring into our system and you can be part of this, Now is a good time to make Markethive your Tool Box backup. Find out more just for free membership to the most powerful suit of marketing tools and new leads every day. 500,000 daily visits and over 500 new registrations per day. Alexa Rank Update now @ 5,996 now.

Alexa @ 5,996 (update with another 1000+ rank improvement)

When Douglas Yates came on board and identified our need to move onto the Blockchain and have our own coin our ranking was at 145,000. Look at us today and we are not slowing down.

You can upgrade to Entrepreneur One here:



The Recent Bitcoin (BTC) & Ethereum (ETH) Prices As Of 03/01/2020

To See The Current Fluctuating Bitcoin & Ethereum Prices

Understand why MHV coins will trend much higher and could possibly catch-up and surpass Ethereum and Bitcoin Prices

Marketing Director Tips

Marketing Director


1. First Step to commanding Markethive, your profile. Begin with Orientation Profile Setup.

2. Markethive knows Inbound Marketing. It laid the foundation for “Inbound Marketing”. With Markethive, the combining the two huge engines of the Internet, Social Networking and Inbound Marketing has an exponential nature to it, not just a geometrical quotient.

3.  Blogging Tutorial Video. Here is a link to an epoch blog about MH platform.

4. The intensive education on building a series of autoresponders including the identification of the theme, research, analysis, story boarding, summary, titles, articles, conversion to blogs, bullet pointed email summaries then application building the series into Markethive.

A. This is an intensive tutorial about 2 hours long.
B. A 15 minute Basic Autoresponder tutorial is also available.

For Further Informative Training

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